Maple Ridge Legion Housing

Maple Ridge Legion operates two housing developments, Legion Gardens and Legion Manor.

The Legion Gardens at 12127 - 224th Street and the Legion Manor at 22408 121st Avenue are tangible proof of the success of well managed building projects:

  • Designed, contracted and built by the Legion
  • Marketed by the Legion
  • 100% occupied

From concept to finish, these apartments were a runaway success story.

Life Lease Waiting Applications

An application form for residency can be downloaded or is available at the Legion office, 12101 – 224th Street, Maple Ridge or telephone us at 604-463-5101 for further information.

Legion Manor Gallery

Maple Ridge Legion Housing Q&A

What is a Life Lease?

Simply put, a Life Lease is a residential agreement involving an entry fee of between $130,000 and $170,000 which affords the resident security and lease of an apartment for as long as needed or wanted.

The lease may be terminated and the original Life Lease value refunded - minus 5%.

In the event of death, the Life Lease value is refunded to the estate.

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